7 Best Free Content Promotion Platforms for 2021

By now you already know that it is not enough to simply hit publish. You’ve got to promote the content you create in order to give your time and effort the attention they deserve.

Content promotion is a nuanced art, requiring time, numbers, and patience if you must see results. But until your content sits squarely in front of your target audience your content marketing efforts are not done.

Fortunately, you can get started right now with nothing but enthusiasm. You don’t necessarily need money to the word about your website out there.There are lots of platforms who’s audience and popularity you can leverage to get eyeballs on your content for free.

Here are 8 free content promotion platforms you can start investing in right now in order to start seeing results.

LinkedIn Pulse

This is LinkedIn’s own publishing platform, open to the over five hundred million users that are signed up on the social network. LinkedIn organic reach is still among the highest among social networks, and content shared on their publishing platform is still prioritized over simple sharing of links in the newsfeed.

LinkedIn is a favourite among B2B businesses. And with some of the hottest leads on the entire internet, taking advantage and republishing some of your website content on LinkedIn Pulse is one of the smartest things you can do to raise awareness about your website and generate traffic and leads.


Medium is a little bit like the online magazine for bloggers without a blog. With over 60 million monthly readers, it is one of the best places for republishing of old content and publishing of new. Savvy storytellers can find a ready audience looking for content in a wide variety of niches. Gather enough of an audience on the platform, and you stand a chance to earn some good money as well if you sign up for their partner program.


Facebook is one of the best platforms to share your content and gain wide reach. Ideally, you already rely on a dedicated page rather than a personal profile for your business. If you don’t, create one and start communicating with prospects an growing your audience by publishing content regularly.

You can share links that lead back to your website or you can repurpose your website articles by breaking them down into smaller thought leadership posts that generate engagement and enhance your reputation.

Those are just two ways out of many which you can use for promoting your content on Facebook.


Reddit has some of the highest engagement across the internet and this has a lot to do with the way it is structured. There are lots of niche communities you can share links to your content to.

The only problem with Reddit is that the moderators crack down hard on excessive self-promotion. So be prepared to spend some time actively offering value to the community and building goodwill and authority before sharing any of your content


Promoting your content on Twitter should go beyond the usual sharing of links. Break down the main points of your article into bullet points and share in a series of tweets that your followers can easily read and share—and then you can share the link to the full unedited content on your website. It takes some diligence but the rewards are worthwhile.


YouTube is your go-to platform for video content. If you ever decide to repurpose your blog posts into video (which you should), YouTube would be the perfect place to start building a community which you can later on funnel down to your website. And just like Medium, you can partner with YouTube and get paid when people consume your content—extra motivation to share your content on the platform and promote it.

Email List

Having your own email list is the best content promotion tactic there is. Engagement is usually high as compared to other platforms because people on your list have already shown an interest in the sort of content you have to offer. But more importantly, an email list is a resource you own and as such you call the shots and are less likely to get banned for simply promoting your content. If you haven’t begun already, you can start building your email list now.

There are many other ways you can promote your content across the internet for wider reach. But the ones mentioned in this article are those that will cost you nothing to get started as well as build your stature and reputation as you go forward.

Are you already doing some of content promotion? What has worked best for you so far?

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